14 Dec 2016

WordPress mistakes to avoid

WordPress mistakes to avoid

WordPress has handed the power of professional website development and management in the hands of newbies than any free Content Management System currently available. But just because WordPress is simple to use, this doesn’t mean it can’t go wrong. To assume that WordPress is 100% fool-proof, gives site owners a false sense of security.

And that becomes the recipe for a disaster when one of the following mistakes led to compromise the operation and security:

Themes and Plugins From Questionable Sources

It is a mistake to assume that if there is a theme or plugin is 100% free of charge, there’s really nothing to lose to try. Even if one decides not to keeping it, no harm will be done. But in reality, there are huge numbers of plugins and themes out there that are equipped with dangerous and malicious coding. They can mess around with AdSense code, adding spam links into pages or degrade website performance. Therefore, themes and plugins from dodgy sources should be avoided at all costs.

Irregular Back Up

The only situation more devastating than having your WordPress site hacked is realizing that the attack happened at a time period when no back-up was done for the last few months or years. You can continue by thinking that “it will never happen to me”, but it’s only a matter of time until this type of unfortunate situation leaves you at a point of no return, often dumbfounded.

Skip Updates

When update notices appear for themes, plugins and WordPress itself, they appear for a reason. Updates are rolled out on a regular basis and it is common to completely ignore them due to busy schedule or their nagging frequency. In reality, updates are usually rolled out to patch past security issues and improve the general performance, not for offering new features. Therefore, it pays off to try the updates even if you don’t need new features.

Not installing any SEO Plugin

Search engine optimization or SEO plays an important role in determining how successful or otherwise your website is. One can use various approaches available to boost every page of their WordPress website, but one cannot afford to overlook the importance of SEO plugins. There are many plugins available in WordPress’s repository to enhance website’s SEO perfomance – many of which can make a significant difference with relatively small input.

URL Modification

It is a standard practice to Update and edit old posts. Continual refining of the content helps to enhance the quality of website. However, changing the URL of any given page or post while editing it is one of the common mistakes to avoid at all costs. This will result in a broken link and a 404 error for the page that had already been indexed.