Mobile Apps Solutions

Northstar Websites delivers custom designed Cross-Platform SmartPhone mobile applications tailored to meet your unique sales and marketing needs. Our primary focus for mobile app development is on cross-development. We specialize in translating a mobile app’s interface to all mobile platforms, including Apple’s iPad, iPhone mobile app, iPod touch, RIM’s Blackberry mobile app, Google’s Android mobile app OS, Palm Pre, Nokia’s Symbian, and Windows Phone.

Northstar Websites focuses on next generation Android and iPhone apps and mobile website development by providing innovative solutions for your business.

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Solutions we provide

Payment Processing/Integration
Platform specific “StoreKit”
“In-app” secure credit card processing

Alternate Monetization Strategies
Mobile Ads
Corporate App Sponsorship
Affiliate Product Integration

Store Placement Optimization
Top 100 Category Placement
Incremental Updating as Position Improvement

Mobile Optimized Websites
Universal Phone Browser Compatibility

Marketing Solutions
Natural Viral Strategies
App Linking
Leveraging Mobile Ad Networks

Platform Migration
Website Portal to SmartPhone
iPhone taken Cross-Platform
iPhone Push Functionality

3D Graphics Animation
Using MAYA Anti-Piracy & Data Security
Protect Proprietary Mobile Data


We’ve worked on a broad variety of mobile projects, from slick consumer to enterprise tools. Whether a simple promo tool intended to support brand awareness to more complex pieces of software catering to a specialized elite, we do it all. By creating custom-tailored smartphone software, businesses are now increasing sales and finding new ways to engage their customers. Since smartphone users are the quickest to get on board with new technologies, now is the time to consider expanding your business through mobile apps.

Mobile software is built on the foundation of the mobile development industry – we know what it takes to get eyes on your brand! As your mobile partner, we work in tandem with your marketing staff and develop a detailed mobile strategy to ensure your app integrates with your company’s overall marketing objectives. Using considerable resources, Northstar Websites finds and hires only the best design talent in the mobile niche. Our experienced designers can give your application a look and usability you’ll be proud of.

Our software prototyping service is a low-cost, low-risk method of proving your app’s concept. The application prototypes are developed and designed to demonstrate the basic functionality and user-interface of your company’s smartphone mobile application. Protyping helps you clear out any miscommunication, which in turn saves you development costs in the long run.